Community Partners

YMCA Point Saint Charles

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Y centre has been in the community since 1979 and serves southwest Montreal, primarily Pointe-Saint-Charles, Little Burgundy and Saint-Henri. The needs and the make-up of these traditionally working-class neighbourhoods have gradually changed with the influx of new residents, including people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Y works closely with schools, community associations, the city of Montreal and numerous local groups and organizations that have long been involved in the vitality of the neighbourhood.

Out of a desire to provide youth with the tools they need to become responsible adults, the Pointe-Saint-Charles Y centre created a Kid Zone for 6 to 12-year-olds and a Youth Zone for those aged 13 to 17. They are aimed at empowering young people through sports, recreational and educational activities that promote the values of peace and mutual assistance. The centre also runs a highly successful homework help program, a summer day camp and sports teams.

St. Columba House

Saint Columba House is a community ministry of The United Church of Canada situated in Point Saint Charles.

Point Saint Charles is a low-income neighbourhood with a rich history of innovative community organizing, much of which involved or was led by Saint Columba House. Saint Columba House continues to provide leadership within the community, seeking to promote empowerment and involvement of local citizens in actions and campaigns that directly affect their lives. As the community currently faces serious housing, economic and environmental problems, Saint Columba House strives to help residents have a voice in the future development of this vibrant neighbourhood, as well as within the wider society.