Cabaret: The Story of Imaginative Community at the Atwater Library

Artists’ Statement: as musicians, actors and puppeteers we wanted to create a live musical, visual, and experiential performance to help foster the message of the library as a place of fun and imagination at “the heart” of the neighbourhood.  Collaborating Artists:  Emily Schon, Morgan Nerenberg, Iva Delic, Luisa Muhr.

The Sounds of Silence at the Library — a theatre animation game to “kick off” the Cabaret. Led by Morgan Pudwell.

Introduction to the Cabaret:  Finger puppets representing our library partners,  Robin Kelley and Eric Craven, serve as MCs to guide us through the various parts of the cabaret.  A shadow puppet light box presents a narrated timeline that tracks the progress of the Atwater Library through a consideration of the historical aesthetic, values, hopes, and framework on which the original Mechanics Institute was created. (see “Early Impressions” below for the full script).