A Poem by Molly Hotson

By Molly Hotson

I wrote this poem in the hopes that I would be able to effectively relay my personal experience and journey thus far with the Atwater Library. To me, the Atwater Library’s identity is everchanging. Beginning as the Mechanic’s Institute of Montreal, the library has now developed into a centre designed to bring the community together through education and outreach. The more I learned about the Atwater Library, the more I realized that it was impossible to describe the library in just a few words. And so, this poem was born.

You hear that?

That is the sound of something rather extraordinary.

Something that has breathed for a hundred years. 

Seas, mountains of words

That have been spoken 

have been gazed upon




If you sit still enough,

you CAN feel them.

Years and Years 

of people


opinions, and thoughts

gracefully flickering in the air,

and off lingering spirits tongues.

Founded upon the grounds of determination

and the desire to change the world

If you close your eyes,

You can almost touch the stories

the fight to understand

to gain insight

to share what is true.

You can almost feel the saturation

of energy

left from creative bursts

and passionate pleas.

If you listen hard enough,

You can almost hear the child

who tentatively listens to the story of the man in the moon

the engineer, who struggles to grasp that concept, just out of their reach

the young reader, who is determined to conquer 

one last page.

The elderly man, who simply wants to speak the language of the internet

the refugee, who seeks the peacefulness that she can call home, for just a while longer.

The youth, who simply desires that their story be heard, reverberated through the ages to the young


the girl

the girl who wants so desperately to consume the character of this gifted space into





perhaps she needs not one word

but a chorus full

an orchestra of thought 

to capture this pulsing space




What story shall you tell together?