TNT – Sound Communities

My name is Sara Flicht and I have been working at the Atwater Library and attending classes at Share The Warmth in Point Saint Charles. This has been teaching me how to look at two very different places and find a way to connect them. My work at Atwater Library consists of helping seniors to create sound projects that can live in a digital form. This has connected me to sound and its range of possibilities and inspired me to work with this medium. The video I have made is a culmination of soundscapes that I have created, to reflect the spaces I have inhabited over the past four months. It is paired with images drawn by members of the Atwater Library’s Digital Literacy Project, to portray their responses to the sounds. During this process I have made connections between community, what that means for different spaces, and how this can translate to sound. Through this project I am looking to demonstrate how community can create sound and sound can create a community.