Point Saint Charles Video

By Madeleine Gendreau

Film as a medium explores the passage of time. I wished to achieve the feeling of an ever-fluctuating environment.

My goal was to show the morphing and melting-together of the many cultural components which construct Point Saint Charles today. Instead of working with imagery from the neighborhood itself, I chose to work in metaphor, which expresses my own reflective reinterpretation. The materials I chose parallel what I observed from the built history of the neighborhood. For example, the juxtaposition of bricks and clay; clay as a medium and metaphor for what is always morphing, re-shaping, changing. As well as the comparison of the metallic textures of kitchenware and steel mills. The hands show community and the coming together of many different players. The jittery effects of their movement express the sometimes uncertain experience of working together: Where are we going? Who are we representing? How will we show our pasts?